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Den Bosch was elected in 2010 as the most hospitable city in the Netherlands. Once youa re in the town of Den Bosch is immediately clear is what this city so special. Shopping in the typical small streets, eat in one of the many restaurants or a beer in the cozy cafes. Den Bosch is without doubt one of the friendliest cities in the Netherlands. This hearty provincial capital has a lot to offer and fortunately more and more people discover it. Surprising museums to a tour beneath the city. Den Bosch is a very lively city, organized. Besides the big events like Jazz in Duke Town Festival Den Bosch Boulevard and Burgundy, there are many other lively festivals and events that make the city even more cozy. Moreover, Den Bosch in 2010 voted Capital of Taste. Then there's Hieronymus Bosch, one of the greatest artists who Netherlands has known. Replicas of his works are on display in the Hieronymus Bosch Art Center.