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Circus Herman Renz

26-03-2012 - We proudly present the Dutch National Circus Herman Renz SENSATIONS. An enchanting show that famous Dutch circus in a new century enters its existence. With SENSATIONS Circus Herman Renz makes for a true spectacle. Never before in a show at the same time as acclaimed acts in or above a circus ring to admire. Recklessness is key!

Upon entering the beautiful theater tent of Circus Herman Renz, the audience is immersed in an old-fashioned circus atmosphere with chandeliers, red velvet and the smell of sand and sawdust. When the circus orchestra live bet and the track is filled with light from the spotlights, the sensations to life and begins a true circus adventure.

The Duo Axt brings an original juggling number. Sitting on a unicycle cologne and fly right past each other rings through the air, to then be neatly captured. Equally original is the act of Duo Lumei from Portugal. With their number they show that given the rapidly changing clothing true circus art. The Skating Jasters have their act also created art. Fast runs this Italian rolschaatsduo on a round table, while a number moelijke perform tricks.

Michel Jarz brings a unique horse freedom. If six white Arabian stallions emerge from the smoke creates a genuine circus picture. A small jetty and a college horse horse make the act complete. Smaller, but equally special are the animals of Andrejs Fjodorovs. The duivenfluisteraar-previously seen on the Circus Festival of Monte Carlo shows surprisingly contemporary one act with doves can be.
Unique this year is the number of mixed predators Tom Dieck Jr. White lions, tigers and volunteers (a cross between lion and tiger) enter the arena and are the focal point.

In a large handkerchief late Susan Jasters tissue can enjoy a romantic song, while Costin Pity just ensures an exuberant laugh! The comedian shows that you are on a trampoline can slapstickact a true increase. For the hearty laughter of course also ensure the well-known clowns Milko & Frenky, this year as a thread in the show linked.

Elizabeth Axt handstandequilibre let her see that they have an absolute body control and has the absolute thriller at SENSATIONS is joined by Colombian Carlos Camadi. They provide recklessness at high altitude. On a tight wire 10 meters above the slopes dominate the art of tightrope and the 'wheel of death', they provide a spectacular closing of the show. In and on the large metal structure running Messrs. somersaults, they make impressive jumps and they defy gravity.

During the 'grand finale' all artists once the track in order, framed by lively music and colorful lighting to thank the public for their attendance. MAYHEM is a circus show for all ages. Experience the magic of the circus! Come and experience the enchanting circus ... there!