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It might take a bit of time until you find the products you are used to. Well-known brands like Pantene, Dove, Vaseline Intensive Care and Gillette are all sold here in supermarkets and stores listed below. You can also find these products at the local markets, prices don't differ hugely from supermarkets and specialty stores.

Where do I buy personal care items?

Outside of the supermarket, there are several stores where you can buy all your personal care items and many other items as well. There are subtle variations in the product line in these stores.

Etos For shampoos, vitamins, pharmacy items, baby care, wipes, makeup, razors etc.
Kruidvat For shampoos, vitamins, baby care items etc.
Trekpleister For smaller range of shampoos, nappies, vitamins and makeup etc.

Kruidvat and Trekpleister are difficult to categorise as far as product lines go, Trekpleister in particular. In addition to skincare and baby items, Kruidvat also develops photos, sells small appliances, children's bikes, exercise machines, computers, dvd's, cartridges etc. Trekpleister sells a reasonable range of shampoos and skincare products but also toys and computer supplies.

For health foods, vitamins, skincare and essential oils, go to De Tuinen. Lovely stores with very helpful staff.

You will also find The Body Shop in city centres.

If you are looking for brand makeup and skincare lines like Clarins, Clinique, Lancome, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Biotherm, Sisley, la Prairie, YSL etc., a good place to go is Douglas. They also stock a range of men's and women's perfumes.

In addition to the department stores, a great places to see a wide selection of perfumes and aftershave is ICIParisXL.

Children's clothing & shoes

The quality in The Netherlands is generally very good, although the prices differ hugely depending on the type of store. Here is a small selection of the main stores you will find. Other boutiques can be found all over the various main cities and in their suburban areas. Look under “KledingĒ in the yellow pages or search "Kleding Pagina" on internet for listings and links.

Lower price class:
Zeeman ( clothing
Scapino ( shoes & clothing
Wibra ( clothing
Schoenen Reus shoes
Van Haren shoes

Middle price class:
Hema ( clothing & shoes
C&A ( clothing & shoes
H&M ( clothing
Mexx ( clothing & shoes, boys/girls
Prenatal ( covers all children & baby products
BabyDump ( clothing and other children/baby products
Tom-du ( Dutch party-plan business, quality children's wear items

Upper price class:
Vroom & Dreesman ( clothing & shoes
Bijenkorf ( clothing & shoes
Oilily ( Dutch clothing boutique - girls/women
Esprit ( clothing, girls/women

Try these directory sites to find other children's clothing stores:


Eindhoven, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg have great shopping centre, the full spectrum is on offer here. You can find the UK chains such as H&M and C&A, Principles, and Miss Etam along with other international brands such as Laura Ashley, Esprit, Armani Exchange etc. Good Dutch brands are Didi, Promiss and Vero Moda. De Bijenkorf and Vroom & Dreesman also house a wide selection of brand-name clothing. In the smaller town centres of surrounding cities you will find a wide range of different boutiques. Also in the city centres of Eindhoven, Tilburg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch these fashion boutiques can be found.

Toys & games

The two main toy stores in Netherlands are Intertoys and Bart Smit; represented throughout The Netherlands in cities and shopping centres. In most cases, you won't find many toys, dvd's or games in the English language.

Another well known international name is Toys'R'Us, where you can buy large items such as bikes, outdoor play huts as well as the usual toys, games, dvd's, soft toys.

You can also buy a selection of toys, books and games at Vroom & Dreesman, de Bijenkorf, Blokker, Hema, Kruidvat and Trekpleister.

Shop online

There’s a surprising amount of online clothing shopping sites, some offer home textiles and items. To view the full selection go to this site or for men, women, children, furniture, accessories, electronics etc or for children's online stores.

Bon'a Parte ( Women, men, children's clothing, home, textiles
Otto ( Women, men, children, sport, electronic, furniture
BonPrix ( Women, men, children, shoes, home
Kinder Voordeel (www.kindervoordeel) Children's clothing, shoes, sports, accessories
Go-Kidzz ( Children's clothing
Wehkamp ( Women, men, children's clothing, home, furniture, textiles, games & more
Exclusive Line ( Women's clothing
Quelle ( Women, men, children's clothing, home, electronic, sport
Neckermann ( Women, men, children's clothing, home, electronic, computers
Mexx ( Women, men, children's clothing