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Cafes in Tilburg

Cafe Bolle

 Café Bolle is situated in the city centre of Tilburg near a lot of other cafes and places to go out in the evenings. Cafe Bolle is well known in Tilburg among students but also among other people who want to go for a nice drink or dance at night.
They offer a variety of theme nights and also have a film menu with a fast dinner when you're planning on going to a movie afterwards.
Opening hours
mon-wed: 10.00-02.00
thu-sat: 10.00-04.00
sun: 11.00-02.00

Cafe Tribunaal

 Cafe Tribunaal is an easy pub where you can have a quiet drink in the afternoons or go out at night. They play a large variety of music and their goal is to have a laid-back atmosphere and it's never empty. Opening hours
sun-wed: 13.00-02.00
thu-fri: 13.00-03.00
sat: 13.00-04.00

Cafe Stoffel

Cafe Stoffel is situated in the city centre of Tilburg, on a street with a lot of other, pubs, restaurants and cafes. Stoffel is a restaurant and a pub but also a place to go dancing at night.
They have a very extended menu for an easy dinner and lunch. They also offer a film menu including the ticket to see a movie at the Pathe Cinema. 
Besides having dinner it's also possible to enter in their monthly pubquizes. When you want to have a private party with a larger group it's also possible to rent their seperate room. In other words, a cafe where you van go for many occasions.
Opening hours
sun-wed: 10.00-02.00
thu-sat: 10.00-04.00

Cafe Kandinsky

 Cafe Kandinsky is a beer cafe, they sell an extended variety of special beers. If you want to have a nice beer in a nice pub in the city centre of Tilburg with a couple of friends or colleagues, this is a nice place to go. Every month they have a new beer for the customers to taste.

Cafe Brandpunt

 Cafe Brandpunt is a pub where a lot of students go, it's situated at the largest square in Tilburg together with a lot of other pubs and cafes. During the summer the square is one big terrace for all the cafes and pubs and everybody is enjoying their drink in the sun.
Cafe Brandpunt has a history of 27 years at this square and is well known in Tilburg. So if you want to go for a drink, to dance or to have a quick and easy dinner Cafe Brandpunt is a good choice.