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Financials in Tilburg


In the Netherlands, most transactions in shops are done by cash payments with Euros or through an online debit card (pinpas). It is also quite common to use a so-called chipknip (electronic purse card). The Chipknip refers to the golden chip on your bankcard to which you can upload cash; it can be used for payments at parking machines and for small retail transactions. In many shops, hotels and restaurants you will be able to pay with your credit cards but this is not very common. Banks offer many services such as personal accounts, internet banking, saving accounts, credit card accounts, and credit accounts.
One of the first things you would want to do after your arrival is to open a bank account. Opening a bank account in the Netherlands will require some formalities and it is not always possible to do so within the first day after your arrival. So make sure you have enough cash, a credit card, or access to a bank account from your home country.

To open a bank account, you have to visit a bank in your place of residency. The major banks in the Netherlands are ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, Fortis and SNS bank. We advise you to visit their website to find the bank that suits you best.