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Sightseeing in Tilburg

Places to go in Tilburg

Tilburg inspires and surprises. There is so much to see and do, from world class museums and a wide range of fine restaurants in all price classes, to the excellent shopping districts with their many enticing stores.

Tilburg boasts world class museums, fascinating public artworks, and performance venues in all shapes and sizes. With so many local educational institutes specializing in the arts, culture certainly occupies a very prominent position in Tilburg. We hope that you will take the opportunity to enjoy our city's rich cultural offerings.

Performing arts
Whether you enjoy pop music or classical, modern art or industrial heritage, ballet or cabaret, Hollywood blockbusters or cult art house movies... you'll find them all in Tilburg.
"I didn't realize that Tilburg is such an interesting city," is one of the most frequently heard comments from first-time visitors. There is so much to see and do, not least in the field of arts and culture.
You too will be surprised by what Tilburg has to offer.
Have fun in Tilburg
But Tilburg can offer even more. Each year, a season of major events fills the calendar from April to November. The Tilburg Fair has been entertaining the public for centuries. Festival Mundial features the best in World Music. Tilburg Culinair is the annual gastronome's delight, while the Incubate festival features contemporary 'indie' culture in all its forms: music, contemporary dance, film and the visual arts.

An increasing number of people are discovering Tilburg and the cornucopia of attractions it has to offer. Tilburg is certainly 'the place to be'! The city practically oozes creativity. And once you have experienced the 'Burgundian' lifestyle for which the Brabant region is so renowned, we know that you'll be back for more.

World Class Museums in Tilburg
Tilburg has several highly recommended museums, each of which has a remarkable history and a very impressive collection.

Audax Textile Museum Tilburg
The Audax Textile Museum is truly unique. Not only is it a museum with an extensive historical collection, but the machines are still fully operational. Designers use the 'textile lab' to produce their prototypes. The displays cover four main categories: textile technology, industrial heritage, textile art, and textile design.

De Pont
De Pont was founded in 1992 and has since grown to become an internationally renowned gallery for contemporary art, displaying a formidable collection of work from all over the world. The building is a former wool mill which has been judiciously converted to provide the best possible setting for the exhibits. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are three major temporary shows and a number of smaller exhibitions each year.

Natuurmuseum Brabant
Natuurmuseum Brabant (the Nature Museum) strives to demonstrate the value of nature to the general public through its exhibits and educational programmes. Children and school parties are a prime target group and the museum is far from 'stuffy'. In fact, it is playful, cheery and very child-friendly.

Scryption is the museum of the written word. It is extremely interactive, with visitors becoming part of a very dynamic, varied and fascinating experience.

The Stadsmuseum (Tilburg City Museum) is remarkable in many ways. Until very recently it did not have its own permanent home. In July 2009, however, it moved into Vincents Tekenlokaal, where visitors can see where the young Vincent van Gogh studied during his time in Tilburg and try their hand at making an artwork using modern materials and techniques. In October 2009, the Stadsmuseum opened another exhibit in the Donders Pavilion to mark the bicentenary of the birth of the Blessed Peter Donders, a local priest who dedicated his life to missionary work among the people of the Dutch colonies. Today's museum is devoted to philanthropy in all its forms.