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Cafes in 's-Hertogenbosch

Jij & Ik

Cafe "Jij en ik" is one of the many cafes in Den Bosch, if you want to go for an easy drink or to go out till late at night. This is one of the places to go, it has an easy atmosphere and is well visitied by local people. Opening hours
Mon-Tue-Wed: closed
Thu-Sun: 21.00 - 02.00
Fri-Sat: 21.00 - 04.00

Borrelcafe de Buurvrouw

Borrelcafe "De Buurvrouw", is situated near a lot of other bars in Den Bosch. The area it is in is called "de Uilenburg". De Buurvrouw is a fairly small but trendy cafe where you can always go for a drink. 
Opening hours
Mon-Tue-Wed: Closed
Thu-Sun: 19.00 - 02.00
Fri-Sat: 19.00 - 04.00

Cafe Reinders

 Cafe Reinders is also situated in de Uilenburg. This is a cafe where you can go for a variety of occasions. A quiet drink, or to go out later at night. You could easily spend an afternoon here reading one of the magazines or newpapers which they have in their reading box. 
On Fridays many people from surrounding offices go to have their "Friday afternoon drink" here, during the summer it's common to see many people outside enjoying the start of their weekend.

Cafe Bar le Duc

 Cafe Bar le Duc is situated in "de Uilenburg". It is a well-known cafe because of the many different kinds of beers. Not only do they sell a lot beer, they also brew their own beer. 
Besides drinks the Bar le Duc also has a lunch and dining facility for a reasonable price.
Opening hours
mon-thu: 15.00-01.45
fri-sun: 11.00-01.45

Cafe Voltaire

Voltaire is a café, ice cream parlour and tearoom all in one. This hidden gem in the city centre is a feast for the senses. No matter what you order (a fried egg, a fresh fruit shake or a pot of organic tea), everything has been made with love. You'll also find the most cheerful tableware in the world, fresh organic ingredients and an informal, homelike atmosphere that is usually full of happy patrons. Opening hours
Open 09:00-18:00,
Sat 09:00-17:00,
Sun Closed

Het Veulen

Cafe het Veulen is situated in "de Uilenburg". Besides drinks cafe het Veulen also has a lunch and dining facility for a reasonable price. This is one of the places to go, it has an easy atmosphere and is well visitied by local people. Opening hours
15.00-23.30, fri en sun starting at 14.00, sat starting at 11.00

Zomers en Zomers

On walking distance from Central Station and right in the center of 's-Hertogenbosch (Uilenburg). We stand out because of the monumental nature, the warm and cozy trendy brown interior and a striking, inviting façade, which the cafe even a prize managed to win. The keywords of this cafe are also clearly reflected:

During the day, enjoy lunch and drinks. Our lunch menu consisting of sandwiches, various paninis, 15 different sandwiches and of course the snacks with drinks. The many friends and business clubs are hence pleasant chat.
Opening hours
Monday Closed
Tue-Thu and Sun
14:00 tot 02:00
14:00 tot 04:00

Grand Cafe Silva Ducis

Silva Ducis is a Grand Café, from 10.00 hours eating and drinking can be an extensive menu. In the morning you can enjoy classical music in a relaxed way for newspapers to start the day. The French style that gives the company as its own atmosphere and ambience to the company. That the high ceilings, large mirrors, round columns and large sloping bar. Excellent short to take a well to recover from shopping or just for a lunch. This could of course just the table both inside and on our terrace. Opening hours
Mo-thur and sun
10:00 tot 01:00
10:00 tot 02:00
10:00 tot 03:00

Bagels & Beans

Traditionally, Dutch people usually enjoy eating brown bread with cheese. The coming of Bagels & Beans, therefore, provided a true culture shock to the country. Of its 44 bagel shops across the Netherlands, the ‘s-Hertogenbosch branch is by far the best. But don't take our word for it. Two prestigious, anonymously conducted consumer research reports both awarded it first place. While enjoying a bagel and a healthy all-organic, fair-trade juice, you can also watch the crowds of shoppers outside through the large windows. Its odd opening hours are still a mystery to us. Opening hours
Open 08:28-17:31,
Mon 12:01-17:32,
Fri 08:28-21:01,
Sat 08:28-17:03,
Sun 09:32-17:31.

Den Otter

The cosy interior consisting of red floral wallpaper decorated with enormous pieces of cutlery and comfortable sofas is the ideal setting for a daily buffet. Every weekday from 12:00 to 15:00 you have exactly 60 minutes to eat yourself sick on hot and cold dishes and the delicious buns for only €14.95. Bring your laptop, because one hour of free internet is part of the deal. The front of the place is a shop which sells quick snacks and fresh bread and the rear is a restaurant that seats 60. Opening hours
Open 09:00-18:00,
Mon Closed,
Sat 09:00-17:00,
Sun Closed.

La Cour

This is a bar with a 'we're happiest amongst ourselves' atmosphere, full of wildly gesticulating older men in business suits. It's a bar with style and a great place to nibble on a fancy roll or to try a homemade satay accompanied by a La Trappe draught, the only Dutch beer made at a Trappist monastery. In short, there are worse places in the city centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch to end a long working day. Opening hours
Open 08:00-20:00


Ready for a taste of the Dutch countryside? Take a seat at one of the three robust tables at Landerijk and enjoy its pure and delicious meals, whose ingredients are exclusively produced by selected Dutch farmers. We recommend the lunch menu (hors d’oeuvre, luxury club sandwich composed of all the cheeses, meats and breads found on display and a drink). Let yourself be tempted by the knowledgeable staff, if only to test their motto: ‘everything here is truly delicious.’ Opening hours
Open 10:00-18:00,
Mon Closed,
Thu 10:00-21:00,
Sat 10:00-17:00,
Sun Closed.

Pink Lemon

Having lunch with healthy sandwiches, bagels, muffins, soups and delicious fruit juices is the successful concept of this trendy lunchroom which already exists for more then 6 years. The management emphasises all that’s sweet and cheerful and the interior, as well as the food, reflect this. Teenagers, children and friends in need of a tea party will all feel at home here. The twee china, the waitresses dressed in pink and the tiny umbrellas on your pastries help to make you feel like you have entered a life-sized dollhouse. Despite the lavish surroundings, this lunchroom is still fantastically affordable. Check out the delicious Hono Lulu, named after a town in Hawaii. Opening hours
Open 10:00-18:00,
Mon Closed,
Sun 12:00-17:00.

Stadsherberg 't Pumpke

Opening hours
Maa 10.00-02.00
Din 10.00-02.00
Woe 10.00-02.00
Don 10.00-02.00
Vri 10.00-04.00
Zat 10.00-04.00
Zon 10.00-02.00

Grand cafe Silva Ducis

Opening hours
Sunday untill wednesday 10.00 / 01.00
Thursday 10.00 / 02.00
Friday & saturday 10.00 / 04.00


Brothers is a wonderful meeting place in the center with many possibilities!
We have an extensive drinks menu and several packages for any time of day or occasion: breakfast arrangement, lunch arrangement, Broers Brunch, High Tea packages and opportunities for large groups up to 150 people.