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Driving in 's-Hertogenbosch

Public Transport: Buses

In ‘s-Hertogenbosch there are no less than 62 bus routes operating between 06:30 - 24:00 to various places in and around the city. The starting point of these buses is almost always at the central train station. The red and white minibus 220Xpress is the first electrical driven vehicle in the Netherlands and you can take it if you need a ride to Parade or Northbrabants museum.

If you arrive by train and want to go to the buses, just walk in the direction of the centre and take the escalators down. Buses are parked to your right waiting for their planned departure times. Despite the fact that signs with place-names (and departure schedules) display which bus goes where at what time, it may still be wise to ask for advice at the Arriva Service desk (open 07:00 - 22:15), which is located on the ground floor of the building to the left of the buses.

Tickets for the journey can be bought from the bus driver. In the Netherlands, bus tickets contain strippen (strips). These strips are stamped by the bus driver; the longer the distance of your journey, the more strips he will stamp. If you're planning on travelling solely within ‘s-Hertogenbosch, you'll need only one ticket with two strips which costs €1.60. This one-person ticket is valid for one hour. If you don't want to annoy the driver, you might want to pay with correct change.

The driver also won't accept any bills larger than a 20 euro note. If you'd like to take the bus more often or intend to travel longer distances you'd better buy a large strippenkaart (strip card), which contains enough strips to last you a number of bus rides. Strip cards with 15 strips (€7.60) and 45 strips (€22.50) are available and are for sale at the aforementioned Arriva building. For more information visit www.9292ov.nl. Please note that the strippenkaart will soon be replaced by the ov-chipkaart, a digital version of this piece of paper.

Then it is also possible in 's-Hertogenbosch and surroundings to travel with an OV-chipkaart. This card is an option if you stay longer in Holland. The card costs € 7,50, you have to put saldo on the card to travel with it. There are several pick up-points in the city and surroundings where you can top up your balance. These points are located in supermarkets, tobacconists, etc. (www.ov-chipkaart.nl/adresvinder) You can also top up your balance at NS vending machines. You can also find a yellow top-up machine on the green Connexxion buses, on which you can use your bank card to top up your OV chip card. Most machines only accept Dutch bank cards. You can also pay in cash at some of the NS vending machines and at the Information Kiosk by the Central Train Station.

Public Transport: Trains

Train travel in the Netherlands is easy. In the city you won't need a train to travel anywhere, everything in the city centre is walkable on foot. If you wanna go to a different city, look at www.nl.nl for the timetables. From the 4th of April and onwards you can travel even in the night (only on Friday's and Saturday's) between Den Bosch and Tilburg, Eindhoven, Breda and Dordrecht.

If you stay a longer period in the Netherlands, you might consider buying a Voordeelurenabonnement Off-peak Discount Pass). Travel cheaply outside the morning peak period is their motto. On weekdays, you receive a 40% discount on train fare for journeys made after 9.00 in the morning. The card costs €55 a year. And the price of a passport photo... And it's not only you who can benefit from this discount, because holders of this card can travel with up to three people and get the same 40% discount on the full fare. For more information: www.ns.nl.

Public Transport:Taxis

's-Hertogenbosch taxis are safe, clean and generally reliable. Ordering a taxi by phone will get you better service and lower rates for longer distances. The great majority of Dutch taxidrivers are honest and hard working people like everybody else in this country. But essentially you are at the mercy of the driver as once you've shut the door. Just make sure that the meter is running before you set off. The following companies are among the most reliable of the bunch.

Below you'll find some taxi companies:
- AAA voordeel Taxis
tel. (+31) 736 33 00 00
- Taxi van Alebeek
tel. (+31) 735 21 39 39
-Glos Taxi Den Bosch
tel. (+31) 736 44 60 10